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paper sorting

In the case of paper sorting, the important thing is that used paper is separated from minor impurities, films and carton and then to press it into bales depending on quality and requirements. The aim is to reduce the amount of manual work required to a minimum (in ideal cases, below 4%).


The paper sorting process runs with multiple stages. Deficiencies in each individual stage add up and increase the costs, for example manual separation. We at No-Waste-Technology construct your paper sorting equipment so that the multi-stage process runs as efficiently as possible. This takes place because we design your equipment to meet the expected requirements, and adapt it to suit your needs.

The paper sorting equipment made by No-Waste-Technology GmbH is constructed in modules and, depending on customer requirements, can be implemented at various levels of automation. In this context, correctly-sorted fractions for various further processing facilities are enabled by the use of suitable sorting, screening and separating technology. De-inking fractions in addition to various carton qualities can be manufactured depending on customer requirements.

No-Waste-Technology GmbH only uses tested and proven components from a range of manufacturers which are matched to one another and therefore correspond to state-of-the-art technology. >> Contact


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