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Fermentation / Biogas

Fermentation is biological treatment using microorganisms which cause decomposition of organic substances when oxygen is excluded. This so-called anaerobic process (process without oxygen) results in the creation of biogas which can be used directly for the generation of power and heat energy in combined heat and power plants. 


Since the anaerobic process results in a positive energy balance and therefore considerably lower process costs, it is to be preferred to the aerobic process (process with oxygen). Furthermore, the residual materials can be treated right up to storage capability through post-composting (i.e. up to "near-soil" consistency) as is promoted by the EU guidelines.  

No-Waste-Technology GmbH is a system supplier for the following fermentation processes: 

  • wet fermentation plant
  • dry fermentation plant 

vertical or horizontal fermenters in tunnels.

No-Waste-Technology GmbH can offer a range of processes for the generation of biogas, all of which can be planned and manufactured specific to the customer depending on requirements. In this case, wet fermentation and the so-called dry fermentation methods are equally used. 

Wet fermentation is used in the regrowing raw materials sector, in the liquid manure sector and with other animal excrement from mass animal husbandry. Dry fermentation is used in the domestic organic waste sector in addition to other organic substances of varying grain sizes. 

We would be pleased to assist you in the selection of the process and in the implementation of your fermentation equipment. >> Contact


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