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Plant engineering, recycling plants and consulting

No-Waste-Technology specialises in plant engineering for recycling equipment (mechanical/biological waste treatment plant, sorting equipment, tyre recycling, and electronic waste equipment). This means that we have the expertise to support you during planning and right up to the final acceptance of your recycling equipment. We are also often called in to ongoing projects so that we can take over maintenance and monitoring of plant engineering (for example installation supervision or technical risk assessment).

Using the experience we have gained over 20 years in plant engineering for recycling equipment, we can use our recycling expertise to support you in achieving savings in both your energy costs and costs resulting from increasing raw material prices. A warm welcome to No-Waste-Technology. No waste thanks to recycling: It's not a good time for waste

Using our sophisticated environmental process engineering, we can offer you

  • processing of used materials (tyre recycling, tire pyrolysis, electronic waste) with which natural resources (both raw materials and secondary raw materials) can be protected
  • environmentally-friendly utilisation of your biological residual materials
  • we would be pleased to advise you which applications you can use to contribute effectively to climatic protection using modern recycling equipment. 

Recycling with No-Waste-Technology protects the environment … and offers considerable savings potentials for your company. Energy, raw materials and the costs associated with these - it's not a good time for waste. We look forward to hearing from you. >> Contact


Our competencies

  • Recycling plants
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Installation supervision
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sales