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Monitor recycling

The recycling of monitors is generally not considered to be environmentally acceptable. This is because, in contrast to the modern LCD screens which are more recycling-friendly, recycling of old TV and computer screens results in a considerable number of contaminants. Some computer monitors contain more than 100 toxic substances.


No-Waste-Technology starts right here in order to enable environmentally sound disposal and recycling for your recycling equipment. Monitor recycling equipment made by No-Waste-Technology GmbH can process all conventional types of monitors (such as CRT screens, LCD screens or plasma screens). It consists of pre-dismantling locations, picture tube or monitor dismantling units and collection systems for the toxic substances.

The equipment stands out due to its high throughput rate in addition to safe collection of the harmful substances. The equipment can be operated separately or integrated in existing or newly-planned electrical and electronic waste equipment (WEEE).

We would be pleased to provide help and advice regarding any further questions you might have about monitor recycling. We at No-Waste-Technology are looking forward to hearing from you. >> Contact


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