Refrigerator recycling

Refrigerators result in a special case of electronic waste for which No-Waste-Technology has developed its own equipment. Your company will be using environmentally-friendly refrigerator recycling equipment, which will enable you to stand up to your responsibilities, if you use our products. 

Recycling of refrigerators

In the recycling of refrigerators, we place great importance on the collection of climate-damaging substances from the coolants, the compressors and the insulation materials. Coolants are connected, extracted and stored before the refrigerators even enter the processing equipment. In refrigerator recycling oils from the compressors are also extracted and stored in suitable containers. The compressors themselves are dismantled and completely recycled at a later date. Only after this does the refrigerator enter the fragmentisation and automatic material sorting unit in which plastics, steel and insulation materials are separately intercepted and prepared for reutilisation. 


Depending on your requirements, we can also extend the refrigerator recycling by further process stages (such as, for example, polyurethane pelleting). 
Combined equipment in which electrical waste, WEEE and monitors can be dealt with simultaneously can also be added as modules. 

Individual tasks of refrigerator recycling require individual equipment. We would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements in a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. >> Contact


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