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Alternative fuel processing

The ever-increasing costs of fossil fuels force equipment operators with high energy requirements to consider the usage of more inexpensive energy sources. Alternative fuels have the advantage that they are available almost free of charge in their basic form, and need only to be made into a suitable shape and constitution so that they can be used by potential plant operators such as the cement industry using a few refining processes.
The equipment made by No-Waste-Technology GmbH is designed so that the individual requirements on the input material, e.g. waste material, industrial waste or old tyres can be safely fulfilled, as can the requirements resulting from the downstream incinerator plant. This includes the selection of the individual process stages such as:

  • fragmentisation
  • sieving
  • sifting

material flow division using automatic sorting with near-infrared technology
removal of NE, chlorine carriers such as PVC and salts
biological or physical drying.

Combinations of biological and physical drying are also possible, for example through the use of waste heat utilisation from block heat and power plants if upstream fermentation or biogas manufacture from organic waste flows is used. If appropriate planning is used, alternative fuels of varying fuel values can be manufactured, and these can be individually adapted depending on the equipment parameters being used.

We at No-Waste-Technology are here to help you in the selection of the correct process so that you can achieve your requirements. Our name "No-Waste-Technology" also means that we produce minimum contamination in alternative fuel processing, and therefore achieve a high fuel yield. Please click below for contact or use our return call service. >> Contact


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