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Sorting of light fractions (German dual system)

In the case of dual system sorting, your used sales packaging will be separated depending on the waste type in accordance with the German dual system. Firstly you will be complying with the legal regulations (you can be fined if you do not observe these), and secondly you will be able to achieve optimum conditions for further processing (waste processing). 

The new regulations introduced with the German dual system in 1991 resulted in a radical change for the waste management industry. The dual system sorting of your used sales packaging has been subject to regular technical controls carried out by the German technical inspection authority since this date. 


No-Waste-Technology produces your dual system sorting equipment using state-of-the-art technology so that your sorting takes place economically and without problems during the regular inspections. The sorting equipment for light fractions produced by No-Waste-Technology GmbH stands out due to the high level of automatic sorting. In this system, the various material flows are separated at an early stage and then fed through proven screening and separating technology in the automatic near-infrared sorting system. During this, percentage purity levels of over 95% are achieved. These can be increased optionally if required through the use of a simple manual contaminant material check. Throughput rates of up to 12 t/hour in addition to the highest recycling ratios for correctly sorted products are achievable with this machinery. 
We can of course also help you with the optimisation of existing equipment irrespective of whether you purchased your dual sorting equipment from us or from another company. We look forward to hearing from you. >> Contact


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