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Timber recycling

There are very different processes available in timber recycling, for example 

  • return delivery to the chipboard or furniture industry
  • composting 
  • incineration or the timber or biomass gasification (pyrolysis)
  • which is more environmentally friendly than simple incineration

It goes without saying that the basic factor in the choice of process for timber recycling is the method in which the scrap timber is to be re-utilised. In this case, we differentiate between energetic utilisation (biomasses) and material utilisation, i.e. return to the timber industry. 

A range of applications are then available, such as utilisation as fuels in so-called biomass power stations, solid material furnaces or even the manufacture of new chipboard or in the furniture industry, or as scatter material on indoor riding hall floors. In this case, scrap timber is processed to the correct grain size, grain shape (pellets or briquettes) depending on its later utilisation. No-Waste-Technology GmbH equipment complies precisely with the individual requirements of both customer and operator, and it is planned, manufactured and commissioned individually in accordance with customer requirements.


Using our timber recycling equipment, you can return your scrap timber to the economic cycle irrespective of which specific application you intend for your recycling product. We at No-Waste-Technology can support you with modern recycling equipment and would be pleased to advise you in the selection of the correct process. >> Contact


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